PRODUCING PET, PE, PVC, PP and other plastic bottles
quality first, customer first, quick delivery
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Five reasons for choosing Kanglida
All kinds of plastic containers, bottles design, production, delivery services
20 years focus on R & D--
Guide the plastic packaging containers industry
  • Professional research and development, production of cosmetics, washing supplies, food and other packaging
  • The team has 20 years of industry experience, innovation, guide the industry standards
  • New and beautiful packaging, shaping high-end brands
Advanced production line--
Good quality, low price, stable and reliable
  • There are thousands of square modern factory buildings
  • Advanced production equipment, excellent production technology, flexible management methods,Sound management framework
  • The introduction of advanced equipment, production of more specialized plastic packaging containers
Control material and production--
Guarantee product quality
  • Assign well-known suppliers of raw materials
  • Strict quality control, every step is strict
  • Strictly according to the process of production, from material inspection to finished products, control the quality of products
Personalized customization--
Here is a separate package for you
  • As requested, tailored for your products
  • Offer solutions that cost less and get the best packaging possible
  • Stable supply, fast delivery, complete products
Perfect after-sales service--
Completely eliminate worries
  • One to one service to solve all kinds of problems
  • Self distribution team distribution, timely delivery
  • 24 hours gold service, within 2 hours of response
  • Quality problems can be returned free of charge
Welcome to visit Kanglida
Congratulations to the Foshan Kanglida plastic products limited company official
Congratulations to the Foshan Kanglida plastic products limited company official
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